Donors And Partners

European Commission
Give to Asia, USA
HelpAge International, Nepal
Safe Abortion Action Fund, UK
United Nations Development Program
Nepal Nursing Association, UK
CSU Australia Support
Volkshilfe Solidaritat {VHSOL}
Siddhartha Nepali Samaj, UK
Project Nepal, USA
Individual donors and institutions
Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited
Global Giving
Co-applicant Bheri Environmental Excellence {BEE} Group
Media Partner Outline Media
01 Mission To work for vulnerable, marginalized and socially excluded communities in order to ensure social justice through partnerships, human rights movements and result driven programs.
02 Vision A multi-disciplinary group of people are organized and seek for prosperous and a healthy society in Nepal and beyond, following the philosophy of ‘living together irrespective of differences’.
03 History and Philosophy We believe the birthplace of an individual is not a choice, and no one has the right to discriminate based on this. 'Miteri' is an indigenous practice of Nepal which embraces mutual love and respect that goes beyond blood and kinship regardless of caste, class, region, religion, or politics. 'Miteri' connects diverse communities for work, and for equal contributions toward peace and justice.