The way to Live together in Miteri Gau-Let’s Live Together Campaign

Peace is lifelong collective efforts. Though it is altruistic event, as long as we invest on peace, the returns depend on it. In this world, we have plenty of people for complaints, for chatting but we have few people are really ACTION oriented. Actions evolved from the mind set and the commitment where and how the person socializes.

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  • Media Monitoring on Constitutional Assembly II Election 2013/UNDP

    Nepalese and international society is keenly interested to see the calm down Nepal’s politico-economical transition through Constitutional Assembly Election II, 2013 and its greater impact. In this connection, Action Works Nepal (AWON) is implemented a project entitled ``Media Monitoring on Constitutional Assembly Election II 2013, Nepal under UNDP CONFLICT PREVENTION PROGRAMME (UNDP/CPP)’’ in technical collaboration with OUTLINE Media, a Media partner of AWON.

  • Engagement with Community Leaders for Gender and Social Inclusion

     Action Works Nepal (AWON), a strategic partner of Italian Foundation, facilitated the three different reflection sessions in Lamra, Dillichaur and Khalanga in Jumla with community leaders and project team of Italian Foundation (Fondazione Un Raggio di Luce) from 25 Jan-2 Feb 2014.

  • Stone Foundation of Miteri Peace Commemoration (Miteri Shanti Batika) in Jumla

    On the occasion of the International Peace Day 2013 Action Works Nepal (AWON) made  stone foundation of the Miteri Peace Commemoration which is located at Bohorgaun Katikawami village in Jumla district.  Social worker Mr Maha Shankhar Devkota, donated 763 square meter land to the Founder/President of Action Works Nepal Ms Radha Paudel where  this Peace Commemoration  was going to be constructed soon  and the donor of the same has made stone foundation in this very important day.


Forest Plantation by Popular Education Group

Earlier no one come to talk and interact with these women and men due to represented dalit, extreme poor and other forms of marginalization. While going through the discussions, they not only discussed about their political rights but also come up with solutions for sustainable economic empowerment.  Thus, by joint venture of Parishramic and Paurakhi Popular Education Groups, they planted forest tree in the alpine areas of their surroundings. They also involved in various community development activities where they play a lead role by themselves.

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Call for Volunteers

Action Works Nepal is seeking committed, dynamic volunteers across globe for Kathmandu and Karnali. For details, please visit website and let us know your interest by forwarding following documents:

100 % Guarantee of your Investment in PEACE

Action Works Nepal proudly shared the book called `Khalangama Hamala', written by Ms. Radha Paudel, Founder/President of Action works Nepal (N-Peace Award 2012, Women Peace Maker 2012 and Social Worker Award 2013). It is all about the concerns and challenges of Karnali, life during civilians WAR/Maoist Insurgency in Nepal special focused on 14 November, 2002 how Ms. Radha survived and tackled the problem during WAR/horrific 13 hours cross fire and peak years of insurgency in Nepal in such a most poor and rural area called Karnali, Nepal, for English speakers:,432

10 % Royalty of the book, Ms Radha has already committed for making Peace Commemoration (Miteri Shanti Batika) in Jumla for remembering 247 people who were died during insurgency in Nepal. Peace commemoration is $ 60,000 to construct three story building includes Peace Garden, Peace Meditation, Peace Café, Peace Rest Room, Peace e-Library and Peace Resource Center, Peace Sports and Statue. The friends from USA, UK, Family and relative of dead people and Ms. Radha are contributing for it though long way to go specially fund. In this connection, if you read this book, you invest for the peace.


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